CAB-TAB is a in Taxi infotainment & digital advertising solution on 9 inches tablets that delivers measurable and interactive advertising campaigns with no ad spillage and therefore guaranteed impressions using in Taxi advertising & Content synchronization Technologies.


CAB-TAB will serve advertisements to the taxi passengers in an interactive format. It has a user application that enables the passengers to grab offers, check events and promotions running at different merchant locations; all offered through the in taxi table


CAB-TAB aims to revolutionize taxi travel in UK. Average UK travel time is 19 minute. CAB-TAB will facilitate advertisers showcasing their brand. They reach taxi passengers at a time when they are receptive to messages. Live news scrolls, Movie trailers/songs and other relevant content are all welcome to an idle passengers which makes CAB-TAB an immersive solution. 


Benefits to Taxi Driver/Cab Company

  • Additional revenue stream from rental space.


Benefits to Taxi Users

  •  Users get up-to-date information on the latest offers or discounts They can enjoy great savings through user application. 

  • They can find relevant advertisements which they would like to watch.

  • Users get streaming local news and weather.

  •  It allows users to connect to Wi-Fi 

  • Users have the ability to follow their favorite brands on their mobile devices.

  •  They get the option to check information by changing their location. 

  • They can get geo-based offer information, as they travel



Benefit to Advertisers

  • Enables companies to gain exposure to an untapped captive audience Allows companies to deliver offers or discounts, ‘calls to action’ and contact information directly to consumers’ handheld devices

  •  Enables companies to collect “response data” to their advertisements 

  • Companies may now deliver gender specific advertisements Dramatic reduction in advertising spend, increased ROI with maximized exposure.


In Talks with three major companies in Scotland and they are really willing to have CAB-TAB in their fleet.